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Focusing on your health and wellness in 2023

Our bodies do a pretty good job of detoxing. That’s what the liver, the colon, and so many other organs and processes are programmed to do. However, in today’s modern world, toxins are freakin’ everywhere, all the time. So we tapped naturopathic nutritionist, Dr. Simoné Laubscher, to share her favorite foodie allies to add to our rotation.


“Garlic is so wonderful to support detox due to its antibacterial, antiviral, and antibiotic properties. And it contains allicin, which is brilliant for cleansing the liver and boosting white blood cells, thus supporting your immune system, too.” Throw it in any dish, or sauté it in a pot before heating some broth to sip on for the ultimate detoxifying and immune-boosting elixir.


“The active component in turmeric is a free-radical scavenger and wonderful to reduce inflammation and facilitate detoxification.” A golden milk to wind down at the end of the day feels decadent and self-loving.


“Hibiscus supports detox, particularly the liver, by increasing drug-detoxifying enzymes to reduce your toxic load, and is very nourishing for your blood, too. You can drink hibiscus in tea form, which is delicious and tart.” Drink alone or mix with dried rose or nettle for an extra high-vibe tea pick-me-up.


“Artichokes protect your liver from damage and promote the growth of new liver tissue—a wonderful restorative ability. They also increase the production of bile, which helps remove harmful toxins from your liver and supports digestion.” Steamed or roasted and dipped in butter? This is detoxing? Yes, please.
“Moringa is amazing at reducing acidity and inflammation—great detox support at a cellular level. Moringa is also great for hair, skin, and nails, and as a bonus, for male sexual performance.” Add this to smoothies, or use it to pump up your daily matcha!


“In addition to being packed with prebiotics and probiotics to support your digestive and immune systems, sauerkraut also helps detox your liver and remove heavy metals in your system.” Fermented foods are powerful, not to mention absolutely delicious.

Lemon and Ginger

“I love this combination, and I recommend all my patients start their day with 500 ml of room-temp or warm water with fresh lemon juice and ginger—it’s the ultimate liver detoxifier. Since we have been fasting overnight, it helps bind to toxins, flushing them out via our urinary system. Both are loaded with antioxidants, which slow down aging and reduce DNA damage.” Get these in powdered form, or simply juice both and add to warm water.


“The green chlorophyll in wheatgrass is a powerful detox aid supporting the removal of impurities and toxins, including heavy metals. It’s a great friend to reduce inflammation and support our mitochondria to boost energy levels.” Juice it, blend it, or get a green powder to add to water, juice, or smoothies. Easy peasy.